Terms, Conditions and Reservations concerning the use of the web site www.zouboulidis-group.com

 The use of this website www.zouboulidis-group.com is allowed under the following terms, conditions and reservations, which you are kindly requested to read carefully before accessing and browsing the website. Your free choice to access and browse the website www.zouboulidis-group.com, as well as your free choice to receive and use any of its content via your electronic devices’ browser(s), is considered -in good faith- as your explicit and without reservations acceptance of the present terms, conditions and reservations. In case you disagree or not accept any of the present terms, conditions and reservations, you are kindly requested to refrain from (further) accessing, browsing and using the website www.zouboulidis-group.com. 

The website www.zouboulidis-group.com has been created and is operating on behalf of a) the single-person enterprise of Christos Zouboulidis (Vat nr: EL 031967045, head office: Kifissias Ave 375, Nea Erithrea, Attica), who merchandises and imports children’s clothing and footwear and also operates as a commercial agent of enterprises that manufacture children’s clothing and footwear, and b) the general partnership company “C. ZOUBOULIDIS & Co” (Vat nr.: 081648546, head office: 50 A.Panagouli str., Nea Ionia Attica), that merchandises and imports children’s clothing and footwear, hereinafter “ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES”; the website www.zouboulidis-group.com aims to exhibit and promote, via the internet, the merchandise that ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES import, sale or represent. 

The contact details of ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES are:  

Phone number: 0030 210 2798909  

Email address: czoub@paradis.gr

Terms & Conditions concerning the use of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com

The content of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com is property of ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES and access to it is offered to the visitors of the website solely for their personal information. ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES reserve the right to anytime modify and/or alter the content of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com, including the present terms and conditions for its use.   It is possible that the depictions of the products and merchandise are not accurate as far as the colors and dimensions are concerned; prices and availability -whenever they are part of the information provided- are indicative and can be readjusted anytime by ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES.  

The content of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com is property of ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES as well as property of the legal entities and persons that have granted to ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES permission(s) to use the relevant content, and it is protected by the laws of the Hellenic Republic as well as by the international laws on the protection of Intellectual Property. It is strictly forbidden to copy, re-produce, re-publish, distribute, disseminate, run, translate, download, format, alter, any part or page of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com or its source code, as well as downloading or transmitting the website www.zouboulidis-group.com, by any means, fully, partly or in summary, without prior written permission by ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES. Visitors are, though, allowed to share certain webpages of the website with other users of social media, where visitors are also members; sharing is achieved by use of the designated hyperlinks that are included in those specific webpages for sharing.  

Cookies Policy 

The website www.zouboulidis-group.com is not an electronic commerce store (e-shop) and ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES shall not collect personal data of the website’s visitors other than data regarding the visitors’ visit itself, for solely statistical reasons referring to the website’s traffic. ZOUBOULIDIS ENTERPRISES reserve the right, though, to make use of “cookies”, i.e. small archives containing pieces of data that shall be sent from the website www.zouboulidis-group.com and stored on the visitors' computer by the visitors' web browsers while browsing the website, and in particular:   

- Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are necessary for the proper function of the website, also making it possible for the visitor to enter secured areas of the website

  - Analytical/performance cookies: these cookies allow the counting of the unique visitors of the website and the tracking of the visitors browsing stages; they are used to improve the way that the website functions (e.g.: in order to facilitate the visitors in finding the requested information sooner)   - Session cookies: these cookies record the choices of the visitors of the website, the fields and the information the visitors use during their browsing in the website; they remain in the computer or the mobile device of the visitor while browsing the website and are deleted after the visitor has closed the browser.  

- UVC cookie: the “uvc cookie” is one of the cookies used to track usage of the addthis.com service. It allows a user to share a webpage with many social sites. AddThis.com is a content sharing platform; more information on Addthis.com can be found in their website www.Addthis.com .  

- _ga (Google Analytics): these cookies refer to a web analysis service provided by Google under its own privacy protection policy. This service regulates the use of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com makes it possible to count the visitors that browse it and the ways that visitors use the website. The visitors’ IP address(es) shall not be combined with any other information that Google has for the visitor(s); the visitor(s) can choose to deactivate the Google Analytics cookies, without causing themselves problems in their use of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com.  

Declaration of visitors’ / users’ explicit consent – applicable law  

The above terms, conditions and reservations concerning the use of the website www.zouboulidis-group.com are governed by the laws of the Hellenic Republic. By continuing your browsing after having carefully read them, you explicitly commit to their acceptance and to your obligation to refrain from any action that would breach the above terms and conditions of use, or would be unlawful or contrary to the principles of morality and/or the principles of honest transactions.